Logo Design, Website Design, Digital Marketing; it all represents your business in a visual way.

When people see your branding, they should feel inspired.

At Spotlight Brand & Design, we’re a small but greatly talented team. We want nothing but the best for your brand. With every project we work on, we consistently push ourselves to be even more creative and unique with each project. We’re like family that way.

We have a lot of experience in marketing, over 10 years’ worth actually. We’ve seen it all from great designs to designs that probably shouldn’t have made it off of the paper. When we’re working on designing your brand, we stay true to who you are. We want you to stand out without your target market being confused about who you are.

From business startup design, logo design, re-branding, web design and development, graphic design, print material, brand marketing, to signage and more. A brand isn’t just about a good design but it speaks volumes to people and tells them who you are.

Let our team work with you to design the perfect branding for your business and put your brand in the spotlight.


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Package Design
Retail & Restaurant


We also offer Digital Print materials from business cards, letterhead and folders to Indoor and Outdoor Signage such as 3D Signage, Backlit or Halo Lit Signage, Vinyl and much more.

Marketing has so many avenues you can take.  With each one being separate, you can quickly become overwhelmed.  So why keep everything divided?  We work with an event marketing house, so if you take part in Trade Shows or Event Marketing of any kind we can work together in creating the perfect fit while keeping your brand’s integrity.



A brand is not just your company’s name and logo or the products you sell, having a website is not the only piece of having a digital footprint on the web, so don’t just settle for anything other than perfect. Let’s chat and discuss how we can best serve your brand.

Spotlight Branding & Design - Logo Design, Graphic Design, Brand Consulting, Web Development, Web Design, Web Hosting & More!


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Around spotlight brand & design we all take being a web design company very gravely. We all understand that undoubtably any time clients are shopping to obtain a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga people desire the greatest. Unendingly all of us strive to really be the smartest web design company we can possibly be throughout Ontario. It truly is our dedication to really remaining the winner that has generated us truly substantial honor with our own consumers.

Being a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga we all furthermore constantly aim to invest time to answer every consumers concerns with great diligence and devoid of impatience. We invariably take time. All of us really feel it is extremely crucial to guarantee clients truly feel valued and cared for.

There are usually not very many web design company which own the correct expertise coupled with know how to identify themselves as a mentor of their business. Combine that together with a high level of buyer service and truly we feel we are the best peerless branding consultant in Mississauga inside Ontario.

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Devotion to Great Quality - A Logo Designer In Mississauga and A Branding Consultant In Mississauga

Our dedication to high-quality is actually extremely excessive. For anyone endeavoring to be a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga or a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga, there's really not one other route but to really do your personal best in order to excel. Whenever a specified client needs extra attention, all of us afford that buyer added effort. Just about anything to be certain they are thrilled with us as a web design company. Remember that, we do support most of Ontario, so don't hesitate to call.

Devotion - A Web Developer In Mississauga and A Graphic Designer In Mississauga

Our clientele have sometimes described us all as a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga, a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga, a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga and also the finest Ontario headquartered web design company that exists! Really this would not just happen unless there is extremely hard toil along with persistence for your foundational clientele together with the top quality inherent in your work. Whenever you might be shopping around to find a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga, we definitely feel that we are truly the preferred selection. Contact spotlight brand & design to discuss your needs ASAP! 416-697-4406.

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Within any field, expertise is definitely a principal ingredient impacting final results. Whenever you're wanting a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga, then that can be much more accurate. With being a web design company, we can easily explain to anyone in person how the ultimate end result is definitely influenced from the expertise of the company that you've been contracting. The very massive volume of practical experience which spotlight brand & design provides in being a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga, is just why you actually should rely on us with your invaluable critical needs. When you might be wanting for a peerless branding consultant in Mississauga, think of spotlight brand & design. Please talk to us all ASAP.

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