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High fashion is an art form and is not meant to translate directly to real life. The savvy, modern-day fashionista would do much better to cultivate her own personal style rather than admonish herself for not having thousands of dollars to spend on a single garment or being the size of a fourteen-year-old rice paddy worker. Said fashionista also knows that a red-soled stiletto or a interlocking-C logo, while fabulous, isn't worth investing a month's rent in most of the time. Besides, who really wants to dress like a futuristic baby alien, anyway?

You do not need to continually change your wardrobe every season according to what fashion magazines deem desirable. Take inspiration from high fashion looks, but why let fashion trends dictate your style? The trends mentioned in any given fashion magazine aren't the only acceptable things to wear, but rather what retailers are trying to sell at the moment. Fashion is just fabric, so why take it so seriously?

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In order to have a healthy mindset with regards to fashion, the would-be fashionista-and all women of the world, for that matter-must remember a few things. Firstly, that her true self is beautiful. The savvy modern woman would be remiss if she forgot that. Every single woman on earth has the potential to be as beautiful on the outside as she feels on the inside. Just remember, inner beauty radiates outward. Even if you're wearing couture, you won't look like a million bucks if you're uncomfortable in your own skin.

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