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The Pointless Complaints of Today

1. "The media is so unrealistic about how girls should look." How many times have you bitched about the image girls have to uphold because of the expectations set in the media? You're right, living up to the modern standards of beauty are tough; but we shouldn't make it harder for each other by commenting on appearance. Tell every girl you know how beautiful she is and stay tight-lipped when it comes to the physical appearance of others.

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2. "Chivalry is dead. There are no good men out there." Why should men be at fault for chivalry being dead when women make it easy for them? Both men and women have changed dating in our modern culture of one night stands and dating apps. Don't complain about it. Find your morals, accept them and find someone who agrees with them, even if it takes years.

3. "I never attract the cute boys when I act smart." That's a damn lie. You know what's cute? Witty comebacks, intelligence and confidence. Acting like an airhead stopped being cute after college; possibly before then.

4. "Calling people is so awkward. I'll just send a text." Did we forget how to communicate? Make the phone call. Then you'll know if they actually "LOL'd." I bet they didn't.

5. "My credit card bill is huge because I needed those shoes." Oh, did you? All 20-something girls need to learn the difference between 'need' and 'want.' Learn how tobudget for rent, groceries and utilities while setting aside a little fun money." You'll be happy you did later in life.

6. "I never have time to be a normal 20 year old girl because I'm always working." Transitioning from college to a 9-5 where you sit at a desk can be tough, but be happy you have a job. You're an adult and having responsibility can actually be a lot of fun.

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