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The need for accurate information during the design phase is essential...

The need for accurate information during the design phase is essential to help ensure project success. Komplete can be part of the design process. Designing a layout of paving to choose a color, we have the experience and tools to help you provide opportunities for your clients.

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Need to build a wall, the design of a pool, you must create a roof or take rainwater? We have the knowledge, experience and resources to give you the most advanced and effective suggestions. We want to be your source of information on the various decorative schemes. Just ask us, we can help!

We are a unique resource for solid solutions.

Formed in 1992, Komplete Bricks & Pavers is an independent installer and distributor of tiles and landscaping products based in Melbourne. We have a proud and strong relationship with all major manufacturers in Australia and close relationship with foreign manufacturers.


We grew three stores in Melbourne located in Moorabbin, Springvale and Mornington. Our goal is to offer consumers a full range of products and provide friendly expert.

We have a wide range of clay pavers and concrete pavers, traditional contemporary format, size: large 300300, 400400, 500 and 600x500x600. We also have a wide variety of natural stone and sandstone, limestone and bluestone.

Retaining walls are becoming increasingly popular, we have a wide range of products ranging from modular gravity walls to gray, "Besser blocks" that can be successfully used for retaining walls. Gray blocks may arise or coated variety of products to offer stylish, modern look, whether residential or commercial.

We are also proud to distribute a wide range of bricks, blocks and construction products.

In early 2004, a new retail model has been launched with the opening of a new store in Mornington. The new model has a total of coating solutions through interactive exhibits and conceptual which allows the consumer the ability to see and "touch and feel" of products.


We have built our business on the ability to deliver the right product and the application to meet the needs of the project. We are able to complete project management including excavation, OH & S management vehicles and pedestrians, relocation services, procurement of materials, base preparation and installation of all hard landscape features.

We can solve the small projects (10m2) up to larger projects (18000 m2) and a wide range of experience and resources to ensure the project on time.

We are big enough to give you the purchasing power, flexibility of our workforce, and competitive prices, but small enough that we are accessible and you get personalized service.

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