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Reality TV family in high fashion

Since late 2013, the Kardashians have started making their footprint in the high fashion industry with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West becoming the latest faces of fashion house Balmain. However, there is still something of a stigma attached to the reality TV family taking such a pedestal in high fashion. Now imagine the Kardashians had been raised with a high fashion pedigree and the elegance required to represent Can't do it? Then let me introduce you to the Abdel Aziz sisters.

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Farah, Nadine and Alice Abdel Aziz are everything the Kardashians aspire to be when it comes to their wardrobe. The 3 sisters know how to turn it out when it comes to styling for the numerous glamorous events their lives in Lebanon entail.

Each sister's wardrobe is unique to their individual identities yet when all three of the sisters are photographed together there is nothing out of place in the combination of outfits. Farah, Nadine and Alice are all progressing towards the 100k mark on Instagram and something tells me these sisters are going to exceed this in 2015. With the trio heralding their own style page and an army of designers willing to dress and accessorise the trio something tells me this years is #AllAboutAbdelAziz.

All three sisters are on Instagram under @fafiabdelaziz , @nadineabdelaziz and @aliceabdelaziz. The trio post their fashions on @styleinbeirut.

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