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Use Basic But Effective Interior Design Principles In Your Home

You should never overlook the fundamentals of interior design. What are these fundamental principles? BE YOU! That's right. There are no patterns that cannot be placed in the same room, no color schemes that are too vibrant and no textures that cannot be used to add to the overall feeling of your room. There are, however, techniques to the craziness of interior design.

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Commonly expert interior designers, like the ones at this site, will couple stripes with plaids, and textures with simple fabrics. The concept is to give depth to the room or area. When choosing a pattern, try to couple one or two of the most minor colors in the pattern with a throw pillow or fabric-covered accessory here or there. For example, if the plaid has teal details, then add a few teal items in the room.

When you initiate the designing phase of the room, be sure to think of the home as an individual entity. The room may be the beginning of the project, but that room leads into other rooms in the house and should therefore match at least a little. This is specifically crucial in homes with an open floor plan.

Envision the room as possessing a river that runs the entire area of the house. Along that river, little bits and pieces of each room float to the next room, giving the area a feeling of unification and a synthesized theme. Your house will feel more complete and less isolated from room to room if you do this.

After absorbing these fundamental principles, get a paint brush and GO! Your room, your home, your space are at the beck and call of your imagination. There are no themes too out there and no thoughts undreamed of. You are the master of your space and that is what being a creative interior designer is all about.

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