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5 tips for Casual Wear

With the coming of autumn understand that your wardrobe needs renewal because your old favorite clothes have lost their 'glow'. The clothes shops presented their new collections, but you do not have the opportunity to spend a lot, because your pocket "hurts". There are other ways to liven up your everyday outfit without spending a fortune. Create new combinations with your old clothes, highlight your impressions with new accessories and you'll see your usual outfit with another look.

See five simple tips.

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1. The plaid shirt remains for many consecutive seasons a favorite clothing designers. If you are a happy owner of such a shirt, you have the opportunity to pose with it wherever you go. If you like boring the common combination plaid shirt + jeans + sports, do not rush to remove the shirt from your daily outfit. A jacket matched color package with shoes Flat shoes or if you prefer more comfort, will do the same boring shirt to "shine" different.

2. That previously mentioned jacket, let's analyze it more 'deep'. If you feel that this "hunky dory" jacket worn exclusively at work is completely useless anywhere else, you are wrong. Put a glam touch to your everyday outfits evoking a simple set of jeans + shoulder strap with a brightly colored jacket. Add a long chain necklace to complete your look.

3. If you love the comfort and prefer simple designs, baggy clothes are designed especially for you. For several years, the clothes in loose line remain the most popular for women of different ages. A long and baggy sweater or a "formless" cardigan worn over a simple long shirt with the beloved jeans or any other slim pants are ideal. If you complete all this with high Flat boots and a roomy bag, you will create a perfect everyday set for the cold days ahead of us.

4. We know that the best clothes that will flatter every woman is the right dress. The latest trends in fashion give us freedom in how to wear dresses. Shoes, Boots, Flat or heel, even "military" boots can match perfectly. If you have a little dress that you wear only on days out, try to Flat shoes and a denim shirt worn over it. Your dress will have another life and you will have the chance to enjoy daily.

5. A simple outfit that will accompany you from morning until evening is the combination fabric / gabardine pants + shirt. To shine even after a long day, just add a few accessories and all will be impressive. For best result you can change the shoes Flat in heels and complete the set with a cardigan.

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