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New Twitter Header Dimensions and Tips

Twitter has started rolling out the new Twitter header. Back in the day, you used to have 2 columns like this:

Not the neatest thing in the book but with so much space you wanted to be sure to get all that information in there.

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The new Twitter header fixes the nightmare that these side columns were. Now the header is a simple 1500500 pixel header, a similar layout to Facebook. Because of a similar layout to Facebook's profile picture being the left hand corner, you want to be sure you don't design in that corner. Keep everything in the upper left corner or on the right hand side. Some important things to include are

  • Logo ( I prefer a face for the profile picture)
  • Website
  • Name of your business
  • Services offered ( a few words)
  • A hook- something that will drive people to your site (mine is free tips and help, such as this!)

It's important for me to be branded across all platforms, so it's similar to my web and Facebook header.

Even if it's a 'temporary' sort of banner, get on it quickly or otherwise, whatever you had before will be stretched and not look very pretty.

Some free web design tools to use

  • Canva free and no software to dowload (some features cost)https://www.canva.com/
  • Inkscape free, but it doesn't come without it's glitches, requires dowload

There are more but there are the only two I am familiar. You can also use Corel Draw (which is what I use) and get a free 30 day trial or a monthly subscription for less than $30 bucks!

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