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When it comes to beauty around the world, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. In America, a slender body, blonde hair and perfect complexion may be considered the stereotypical characteristics of beauty, but in other countries throughout the world, that is not the case. Each country holds a different image of what beauty is. Beauty in one country may be unattractive in another, but such different views are what shape different ideals of beauty around the world.

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In Japan, women view a smooth, pale complexion as the epitome of beauty. Historically, pale skin was honored in Japan because it signified wealth. Pale skin meant women could afford to stay inside and maintain a pale complexion rather than darken their skin from working outside. According to Oprahs past segment Beauty Around the World, collagen-infused foods are popular among women in Japan. Because collagen has been shown to improve complexion, many women consume foods rich in the protein for improved skin quality.

Straight and silky hair is also considered the norm in Japan, the Marie Claire article Extreme Beauty Report: Japan said. Not all Japanese women have naturally straight hair, but many use hair-straightening treatments to capture the look. In fact, using hair chemicals and flat irons to straighten naturally curly or wavy hair began in Japan, Beauty Around the World said.


Makeup may be seen as an asset to bringing out ones beauty, but in France, the natural look is preferred. Although the French see physical attractiveness and grooming as important, they prefer highlighting natural features rather than layering on makeup product after makeup product.

It really astonishes me the way American women wear so much makeup, said the creator of a makeup line, in a New York Times article. French women are not flashy. They must be subtle.

To accentuate natural beauty, French women follow a strict skincare plan to maintain healthy skin. In addition to following a skincare regimen, French women also watch what they eat since diet can be a reflection of skin quality.

West Africa

While most Americans associate a skinny figure with beauty, many parts of West Africa prefer a fuller figure. According to an article by The Daily Beast, the larger a woman is, the more beautiful she is. Although not approved by the government, many areas of West Africa participate in force feeding, Beauty Around The World said. With force feeding, young girls eat thousands of calories to gain weight.

In Mauritania, many say the more you weigh, the better chances you have of finding a husband, Beauty Around The World said.


Brazil is often associated with beauty as several models and other celebrities known for their looks come from the country. However, according to Beauty Around The World, many Brazilians have now become obsessed and go to great lengths to achieve ideal beauty. Many have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. Between 2004 and 2009, the amount of cosmetic surgeries in Brazil more than doubled, CBS News said. The obsession with beauty in Brazil has also pressured many to maintain a slender figure. Brazil is the biggest consumer of diet pills in the world, a former BBC reporter from Brazil said on Beauty Around The World.

Kayan Tribe

The Kayan tribe lives on the border of Burma and Thailand. Members of the tribe wear brass rings around their necks from a young age and add more as they get older. As more rings are added, women have the appearance of an elongated neck. Women of the Kayan tribe see the long necks and brass rings as signs of beauty.


In Iran, the idea of beauty centers around the nose. According to CBS News, Iran is the nose job capital of the world. Because women in Iran must cover features such as hair and the face, they highlight their personal beauty through other areas, especially the nose. Even though the nose may be healed after a plastic surgery procedure, many Iranians continue to wear the bandages as a sign of status.

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