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Get focused on your ideal job by envisioning it through collage.

Get focused on your ideal job by envisioning it through collage. Be green as well as crafty by using old magazines to find pictures that represent everything you're looking for in your ideal job. Hang your masterpiece where it can inspire you daily to stay on track to reach your goal! On the fridge?

After a week or so, try spending some quality time with your artwork. Maybe your psyche left you a message.

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Name that Superhero

Superheroes have a superpower and so do you a special ability that you love to do and are awesome at doing. What is your superpower? You probably aren't leaping tall buildings at a single bound, so in what ways are you faster, smarter, more creative, effective, efficient, analytic, or compassionate? Or?

Think back to your previous paid and unpaid work there is trend that will reveal your super-powerful abilities! How does your superhero name reflect your superpower? Superorganizer? Excelicon? Calminacrisiswoman?

Create the image of the superhero that is you using words or pictures. And don't forget to say yes to the costume! Cape? Tights? A special symbol? In what ways can you use your superpowers in your ideal job?

Remember every day that you are a superhero. Know how powerful you are.

Its a bird, it's a plane, it's YOU!

Design Your Coat of Arms

A coat of arms symbolizes a family's values. Design your own personal coat of arms that shows your values and continue this noble tradition.

Think about the things you value the most in your ideal job. Draw or find pictures that illustrate them.

Design your coat of arms by arranging your values on different sections of a shield-shaped piece of paper. You can also divide the shield into bigger and smaller sections based on their importance. If you want, add a motto or other coat of arms bling.

Put your coat of arms on your mirror so you see it every day. Let it keep you focused on what is really important.

Notice how decisions are somehow easier to make. Hey, have you gotten taller?

Play A Game

Pick a movie or book quote that really resonates with you one that stands above the rest. Write the quote on blank "landscape orientation" paper and draw a circle around it.

How does the quote relate to your ideal job? Write down the answer, draw a circle around it and connect the two circles with a line. Keep going, connecting the circles of your thoughts with lines. Some will connect to your quote; some with each other. Use colors and draw pictures if the spirit moves you!

Keep a pencil nearby to add more thoughts as they occur to you. If more idea strikes you at work, write them on post-it's and add them to the picture when you get home.

You're making a mind map! Now you can show people how your brain really works. Who knew?

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