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Thinking of redecorating but having some difficulty in choosing your colors, your furniture, or your features? Whether you are redecorating an office, or home office area, or if you are doing a more personal space in your home, using the rules of Feng Shui could be a great decorating technique for you to learn and utilize.

Feng Shui was originally a Chinese technique which was used to help encourage balance and harmony within the occupants of the places decorated using it. In more modern times Interior Designers, and specific Feng Shui consultants a like have been using the principals of Feng Shui to decorate many areas. But not everyone can afford to hire an Interior Designer or a Feng Shui consultant to decorate their home and office for them, but that is not necessary.

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To learn how to decorate using Feng Shui you can simply go into your local bookstore. They are guaranteed to have some texts which will inform you of the rules. Or, if you would rather stay at home and gain your information by the internet, there are many sites which can teach you, this article will teach you the basic rules of decorating with Feng Shui.

Firstly, all the elements and colors are highly important features in the world of Feng Shui. This is not a religion, but rather a creative belief that colors and elements can influence your mood. For example; the element of fire is said to encourage motivation, the element of water is supposed to focus the mind and encourage sensitivity, and the element of earth encourages creativity.

So how can you use all these elements together? By using candles in your room, or by painting your room with a color from the fire element, you can be sitting calmly in an atmosphere which will ensure that you are constantly motivated by your surroundings. Then you can utilize the calming influence of water by having a small water feature in your room.

You might think that having water in an office or a house can be a very messy affair and not something which you really wish to do. But there are many products on the market which mean that this is not the case. From buying yourself a small table top fountain, you can use this as a water feature. Or, it may be as simple as having a bowl of water with a few flowers floating in the top as a centre piece of a table.

Again, there are other elements which have great properties too. How about the element of earth? Earth is said to promote creativity within a person. If you do a creative job, or have other creative endeavours you should make sure that your office or studio is always facing a garden and nature. If this is not possible, like up the place with some plants.

Using the same process, you should use colors and decorations within your room that will also mirror the same process used with the elements directly. Painting a room reds, oranges and yellows will all invoke the same motivations that the element of fire does. Painting a room cooling blues will soothe the mind. And having brown, earth colors, or having metallic colors, are said to promote your productivity as well as the creativity, and so are a great set of colors for your work space, as well as looking professional.

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