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Top 10 Fashion Tips For Plus Sized Women

It is important to pick clothes that are of your size and dimension. You shouldn't try to fit into something your idol or celebrity uses. Everyone is different and you should find out the size which fits you the best. That doesn't mean that you should wear baggy and less fashionable clothes. As fashion has become a bigger and bigger industry, there are far more beautiful designs made especially for plus sized women. For instance, Neiman Marcus or Navabi has a great variety of designer clothing for plus sized women. However there are some golden rules you should be aware of when deciding what size and dimensions you will use. See below for the top 10 fashion tips for plus sized women.

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10 Never Have It Too Tight!

If a plus sized women wears too tight clothing, it may exaggerate your actual weight. You should focus on getting clothing that fits well. Don't pay attention to the size tag as they tend to be different depending on brands. Try the clothes and let your body feel the tightness, bagginess or the perfect feel. Try a few different sizes before you decide.

9 Never Have It Too Baggy Either!

A lot of women choose clothes which are oversized because they try to hide their body. However, it is worse to wear something bigger as this attracts more attention. Your clothes should skim the body regardless of your size or figure.

8 Cover Up Weight With Colors

With the use of colors you are able to hide weight. Its harder to see the depth of the dark colors and it makes the parts seem smaller. While it's easier to see the depth when you are wearing light colors.

7 Avoid A Lot Of Detail

If you are trying to move the attention away from some parts of your body, don't use embroidery, studs or anything that is eye catching. Also, if you use short sleeved tops which covers the thickest parts of your arm, they will seem heavier.

6 Your Accessories Size Should Reflect Your Size

Don't buy that tiny handbag even if it is amazing and cute. Small accessories will make you look bigger. Try to find a good size handbag that has those cute and amazing features you like. Look in the mirror and ask yourself "is it too small or too big?"

5 Which Fabric

As you are going to choose fabrics, don't pick fabric that is fussy or prints. Fussy fabric and frills make you look childish. A better choice is to wear classic and clean design which will fit well to a elegant look even as a plus sized woman.

4 When Something Fits Perfectly Buy It Straight Away!

When you find something that looks good on you, buy it straight away! If it fits your shape really well, buy more of it in different colours. It can take a long time to find clothing which is perfect for you unless you get someone to make it for you.

3 Wear Long Tops

As a plus sized woman you should wear longer tops as you don't want to show off your belly. Cover it up with a long top which also make you look slimmer. Remember, if you have a belly you can use dark colors to cover it up.

2 What Is Best, High or Low Waists?

Both can be good. To show your curves better you can wear a high waist dress with a slim waistline. You could also use a belt. However, when wearing pants the lower waist is a good pick. Why? Because pants which are low on your hips camouflages your belly.

1 Use V-Neck Tops

V-neck tops look great on larger women. Deeper V-necks also look great, but be comfortable with what you wear. If you don't like deep V-necks don't wear them, clothes should be comfortable to wear, and something you want to show off!

That's it! These are the top 10 fashion tips for plus sized women.

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