Nonnie’s Housewares & Kitchen Supplies

Nonnie’s Housewares & Kitchen Supplies is a brand name for high-quality housewares and kitchen supplies.  The task brought to us for this project was to create a warm and welcoming identity while keeping it fun and yet simple at the same time.

Project Details

  • Logo Design
  • Website design
  • Social Media Kit for Facebook


While staying simple, we created a fun and lasting logo that speaks to the warm and welcoming identity Nonnie’s Housewares & Kitchen Supplies is all about.

Due to the nature of their industry, our client required multiple colours that were bright and unique but not so much so that it took away from their brand.  With this in mind, we were able to create a beautiful set of logos with multiple Pantone colours which can be used for their products down the line.

Website Design

The task was to design a simple and elegant website that clearly spoke to what Nonnie’s Housewares & Kitchen Supplies stands for.  This website is currently a one-page design but has the ability to be split into multiple pages as our client needs with or without assistance.

Check out Nonnie’s Houseware & Kitchen Supplies Here.

Social Media Kit for Facebook

Our client asked us to also provide them with social media branding specifically for Facebook but to keep in thought that later on they will expand their social presence.

Check out Nonnie’s Facebook page here.

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